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Joined Amazon Affiliate program

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So, I joined the Amazon affiliate program.  I occasionally talk about products I use here, and I usually lik to them on Amazon, so I figured it’d be worthwhile to provide links that might actually make me some money.  I get a few percent of the purchase price, so if you’re gonna buy the things anyway, why not help me out at the same time? :)

Beyond the inline links within posts, I’ll try to remember to aggregate them in my Amazon store.  Go to the store at and buy stuff.  It’s run through Amazon, and they’ve got a pretty good track record.  I’ve always been happy with them, anyway.  The link will also be over there in my sidebar, when this post eventually gets rotated out of the front page. :)  

Working on the Arrowsmith wireless mesh

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So, on Wed, I got a few new routers.  Since Buffalo’s able to sell wireless routers again, I bought three of their WHR-HP-G54 Wireless-G routers from Amazon.  Amazon has a good price on them, I’ve had really good luck with these routers in the past (been using one for several years now, actually), and I like the long range for my goals here.  I pulled them out of the box, and flashed them with dd-wrt before doing anything else.  BTW, the Buffalo’s drawback is that you have to use a tftp client to flash them – Buffalo encrypts their firmware, and it’s a pain to re-encrypt the open firmwares to install through the web page built in to the routers.  It’s no big deal; the procedure is detailed all over the web.  I’ll put something up shortly about how I did it anyway, though.

Anyway, dd-wrt is cool.  The OLSR support might be cool as well, but the wiki documentation isn’t very good (yes, I’ll fix it if I figure things out on my own) and it’s generally not apearing like it’ll be an easy thing to set up.  Besides, it’s looking like BATMAN might better serve what I want to do.  In any event, I’ll keep things updated here.