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Grand Marquis tune-up

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Last night, I replaced the plugs on the Grand Marquis.  With 80000 miles now it seemed time.  It had been misfiring on cylinder 5 (front passenger side on a Ford), so I replaced that coil.  As it turns out the gap on that plug had eroded to over 70 thousandths (should be 54), which was probably the source of the misfire – not the coil.  But since I had the coil, it went on too.  I cleaned the MAF as well.  The responsiveness, smoothness of idle, and fuel economy have all noticeably improved.  I’m gonna have to put the G-Tech meter in the car and see if there’s a quantitative improvement in performance as well.

It’ll be good to have a baseline against which I can compare the post-exhaust performance, too.  I expect a minor but measurable increase from the upcoming 3″ single exhaust update.  I ordered a handful of 3″ mandrel bends this evening (from Columbia River Mandrel Bending – great prices, great service), a stainless 22.25″ to 3″ merge collector, and a 3″ polished stainless tip (Magnaflow – from Summit).  It should be here in time for the weekend.  I’m excited. :)

BTW, the stock exhaust is 2.25″ from the manifolds through the cats and into the resonator, then it necks down to two inch after the resonators, finally coming together to a single 2 inch pipe – which is even less than 2″ in the compression bends.  I’m sure a single 2.5 or even 2.25 would be adequate, but the cross-sectional area of two 2.25 inch pipes is about that of a 3.4 ich pipe, so I figured 3 would be better.  Nevermind that I couldn’t find any smaller tips that I like, and I think it looks silly to have a small pipe feed into a larger tip.  So, 3 inch pipe to a 3 inch tip it is. :)


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So, I’ve been meaning to do a blog for a while now.  Partially becase I need a place to easily put up notes on how I made something work, and partially because friends regularly want to hear about what’s broken on my cars this week.  This site should be good for both of those things.  Maybe.