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Identifying Chevrolet starters

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So, I always have a hard time differentiating between a 153 and 168 tooth flexplate and the starter that matches.  The bigger flexplate (168 tooth is 14″) uses the starter with offset holes, and the smaller one (153 tooth is ~12.75″) uses the starter with in-line holes.  Big and small blocks all use the same two basic starters (I’m not sure about the LS engines). I really like the smaller body gear reduction Corvette/Impala LT1 starter with the small flexplate, just because that starter is so much easier to install due to light weight. :)

There’s a great thread at Chevytalk which has pictures and words and stuff.  So, I’m sticking that link up here in order to prevent myself from forgetting in the future.

HP printer stealing ~4 days of warranty?

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I installed new [color] print cartridges into my HP C6380 printer at 23:44 on April 13, 2010 (just a few minutes ago). The printer’s web status page shows the correct time down to the second. However, all three of the new print cartridges say that the “First Installation Date” is 2010-04-09. This is odd, as I ordered the cartridges from the HP store on the 9th and the cartridges just arrived at my house on the 12th. I find it very disconcerting that my printer is backdating my print cartridges’ install date by 4 days, since it seems that the warranty expiration date is based on the install date.

I’m waiting for HP to educate me as to why this happened.  I’m also looking forward to the next time I need to replace a cartridge (it takes five: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK and a separate photo black) in order to see if this happens again…  I like the printer, but I don’t like being lied to by technology.  Well, I dislike being lied to by anything, I guess – but especially technology. :)

This (new window) might be related.  Maybe…

Time to clean the cars

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It’s Springtime again, and time to fix up the finishes on my badly neglected cars.  There are currently 5 cars and a bike outside my house, which means I’ll be polishing for a while.  Because I had to buy some more materials, I thought I’d put together a list of the stuff I use in the Wagonlicious store (it’s through Amazon, so you can trust in getting good service).  Yes, this is a shameless plug, as I get some small percentage of purchases.  But I also wanted to put together a list of products to answer people who ask me what I use; print it out and take it to your local auto parts store to buy there if you don’t like buying things on-line.  They’re good products whether or not you get them from my store. :)

Basically, I really like Meguiar’s products.  With any polishing compounds, you really need to use a system – Mother’s and 3M also make really good stuff, but they’re not as easy to find (though I do use 3M stuff on fresh paint, because it’s easier to find at paint suppliers that in larger quantities, and I tend to use more when wet sanding a full car).  I also added links to the DA tool and polishing pads I use.  You’ll have $150 in the buffer and pads, but you just can’t get as good of results by hand – and you’ll probably kill your arms if you try. :)  The Porter Cable DA polisher rocks; I can’t say enough good things about it.  The Meguiar’s pads are well-built and readily available, which is the main reason I use them.

I also put the Turtle Wax wheel and interior cleaners I use up there, because IMHO, they’re the best products for those two tasks out there.  I’ve not used everything available, of course, but I’ve used several, and the stuff I have in my store is the best I’ve used – and is mostly the best price.  Also note that just about everything is eligible for Super Saver shipping – so if you spend over $25, shipping is free. I think it also respects Prime shipping, if you’re an Amazon Prime member.