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A good introductory computer book

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This book was written by a friend of mine, so I’m biased – but it really is a good generic computer book.  And I don’t mean “generic” in the negative connotation way; rather, I mean it teaches the skills to figure out how to use a computer, rather than teaching how to use a specific program or even a specific type of computer.  It’s geared mostly toward people who didn’t grow up with a computer, and who could use something to get them a some confidence in both navigating a computer system and experimenting to find out what works.  You know, the way “computer people” probably learned.  If you or someone you know is a computer novice, this would be a good gift to follow up the computer they finally got themselves for Christmas, or whatever. :)

Ubuntu One hassles

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Recently, I had the “this folder cannot be synchronized because it contains one or more folders that are already synchronized” problem on an Ubuntu system (midnight) which was upgraded a few times (most recent clean install was four or five releases ago).  The folder would not allow me to check the “Synchronize this folder” box most of the time, and when it did let me check the box (right-click, Ubuntu One->synchronize this folder), it wouldn’t stick.  I also had problems with the Ubuntu One frontend displaying.  I have four other Linux machines and a Windows system (mostly just for ripping my DVDs, since that software way is easier on Windows) syncing up just fine, but this one simply would not work.

Here’s what the u1sdtool command showed:

sauer@midnight:~$ u1sdtool --list-folders
Folder list:
  id=6fada2b6-4a18-48ca-951f-34092a59e4d6 subscribed=False path=/home/sauer/Documents
  id=80629790-b80b-4200-8b7e-a405842fd2ff subscribed=False path=/home/sauer/Pictures
  id=d23fed2c-042a-4862-81f7-783e9832dc71 subscribed=False path=/home/sauer/Music

Oh.  So, it knows about the folders, but doesn’t want to sync (note the “False”).  So, I just ran u1sdtool --subscribe for each of them, as in:

u1sdtool --subscribe-folder=80629790-b80b-4200-8b7e-a405842fd2ff

and it worked fine. The box in Nautilus became checked, the pop-up dialog indicated that files were being downloaded, and stuff started appearing in the folder.

Since I haven’t seen that particular solution anywhere yet, I figured it was worth tossing up on the blog.  It’s working now, and though the GUI for Ubntu One still isn’t behaving, it’s actually sync’ing files up – which is all that really matters to me on this machine.

sauer@midnight:~$ u1sdtool -s
    connection: With User With Network
    description: processing the commands pool
    is_connected: True
    is_error: False
    is_online: True
    queues: WORKING

Chevelle wheels

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So, I’ve been considering getting some original-style Chevelle SS wheels for a ’70 Chevelle. Well, technically it’s a ’71, but I like the’70 wheels.  A few companies make 157, 158 and 1510 wheels that look like the original 14s, so I can get actual modern tires.  This post on suggests that a 1510 with 5.5 inch backspacing can fit a 295/50R15 under the stock rear wheelwell.  That’s an 11.2″ wide tire, which should be adequate. :)  I’d like to find a Firestone Wide Oval or Goodyear Polyglass or similar reproduction tire, but it looks like just running a BFG Radial T/A will be the most likely way to get that size.