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Galaxy S3 and stupid SSL support

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Ok, I found something I dislike about my Galaxy S3. Apparently, in order to trust a third-party (in this case, my own) SSL signing certificate, I need to change my authentication mechanism. If I have any non-default signing authorities on my phone, the option to do face unlock and voice unlock are disabled; you can only install them if you have a pin code or passphrase lock. Further, you can’t change the auth mechanism back to a “less secure” option until after you’ve removed those signing certificates.

I guess that I have to choose between trusting my own signing authority, and using a convenient authentication mechanism to get in to my phone.

If anyone happens to know of a workaround that lets me use face unlock *and* trust a couple of SSL certificate authorities, I’d sure appreciate it. I’m willing to accept the risk of someone taking my phone, unlocking it with a picture of me, and installing an additional certificate signing authority. :/