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The truck work continues

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Thursday evening, I got the carburetor better dialed in on the truck, but it’s still not quite right.  It’s asking for too much fuel, and doesn’t want to idle right – it occasionally pops out one tailpipe…  So, since there was that fire on the intake a while back, I’m somewhat questioning whether or not the intake gaskets are still sealing properly.  I think the end gaskets are leaking oil anyway.  So last night, I went in town and got some new intake gaskets.  I picked up some radiator flush stuff while I was in there.  Today I’m flushing the radiator / heater core / block out, since I have to drain the coolant anyway to replace the intake gaskets.  Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have the intake back on, and the carb will behave better when all of the air is going through it, rather than some leaking in elsewhere. :)  I may also finally get around to fully welding the exhaust; it’s just tacked in place now…