Working on the Arrowsmith wireless mesh

So, on Wed, I got a few new routers.  Since Buffalo’s able to sell wireless routers again, I bought three of their WHR-HP-G54 Wireless-G routers from Amazon.  Amazon has a good price on them, I’ve had really good luck with these routers in the past (been using one for several years now, actually), and I like the long range for my goals here.  I pulled them out of the box, and flashed them with dd-wrt before doing anything else.  BTW, the Buffalo’s drawback is that you have to use a tftp client to flash them – Buffalo encrypts their firmware, and it’s a pain to re-encrypt the open firmwares to install through the web page built in to the routers.  It’s no big deal; the procedure is detailed all over the web.  I’ll put something up shortly about how I did it anyway, though.

Anyway, dd-wrt is cool.  The OLSR support might be cool as well, but the wiki documentation isn’t very good (yes, I’ll fix it if I figure things out on my own) and it’s generally not apearing like it’ll be an easy thing to set up.  Besides, it’s looking like BATMAN might better serve what I want to do.  In any event, I’ll keep things updated here.