Adding a new remote to your Dish 622

If you have a Dish 622 receiver, or any other Dish Network receiver that uses the UHF “6.3”, it’s pretty easy to set up. but it’s apparently a pain to find the directions on the Interweb. Maybe this will make it easier to find.

All you do is fire the TV up and hit the menu button on one of your remotes twice. That should get you to the system info screen. Near the bottom, it shows the secondary remote address, and the band it’s on. Take the battery cover off of your new remote, put batteries in, and set the switch to match what the screen says (probably A unless you changed it). Put the back back on, and push the satellite button. It should light up. If not, your batteries are bad (or your ability to install batteries is bad, one of the two).

Anyway, once you’re sure the batteries are working, hold down the satellite button for a few seconds until all of the lights on the top flash once, and satellite starts blinking. Then enter the number for your address, and press pound after. I use 12, so I push 1, then 2, then #. When you press each key, the satellite button should also light up. When you hit pound, it’ll stop lighting up.  It should now be programmed to use the existing code.

You should be able to exit the menu (hit ok) with the new remote now, and the old one should still work.  If not, well, try reprogramming them.  If you hit the record button on the UHF remote while in the system info screen, the dish should switch to whatever address your remote’s set to (so you can also change it if you’re having interference issues).