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The truck runs

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So, I stuck an old 600 Holley (not really old, but also not in use) on the truck today. It runs pretty well now – after replacing the primary bowl and metering block gaskets, as well as the accelerator pump diaphragm. A 600 is a little small for the 454 in my truck, but it’ll just have to do while I finish figuring out what the heck went wrong with the 750 double pumper that was on there. I’m pretty sure some passageway got clogged, since I didn’t do a real rebuild. But it runs well enough with the vac. secondary 600 to drive it up here where I can actually work on it.

Actually, the throttle response is great with the 600, the electric choke is convenient, and I don’t really need a race truck. I might just try the 750 on the Chevelle and see what it can do with some real airflow…

In any event, it ran and performed well during the test drive.  The tires ride well, the brakes brake well, and the new fuel tank doesn’t leak.  Plus, I had actual heat coming out after a short ride.  So, I’m hoping to con someone into riding down with me later this week so I can drive the truck back up here.  Volunteers are welcome. ;)